Voices of the Lumbee is a documentary film that raises awareness about the ongoing struggles of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina in the wake of decades of economic downturn in the coastal plains region.  The narrative thread weaves through historical and cultural aspects of the Lumbee Tribe that have led to modern-day socioeconomic challenges faced by Robeson County, North Carolina—the home of the Lumbee. Individuals and groups committed to improving conditions in the area share their efforts to bring positive change to the region. Despite decades of economic and political struggles, the Lumbee continue to uphold a strong sense of pride and devotion for their culture. Told through their voices, this is their story.


7 thoughts on “Synopsis”

  1. It would seem that you have left out any connection with the Traditional Lumbee Elders. It is the Elders that keep the Oral History and stories alive, teach the language of our ancestors, keep the Sacred Fire burning, conduct the ceremonies of our ancestors in the old ways, and protect the Sacred Places. If not for the Traditional Elders the ancient ways of our ancestors would be eternally lost.

    1. Hi Tony,

      While the content on the website may not delve deeply into this aspect, the entire thread of the film is based on interviews of Lumbee Elders in a series of service-learning classes that Dr. Michele Fazio has been conducting in coordination with the Tribe. In the film, we interview a number of Elders to show the audience personal perspectives on the impact of socioeconomic changes that have taken place in the region over the course of time. I believe that if you join us on Thursday the 10th you will be pleased to see that Lumbee Elders are very much a part of the film’s narrative.

      I hope to see you at the premiere.

      Dr. Jason Hutchens
      Assistant Prof. & Chair, Department of Mass Communication
      University of North Carolina at Pembroke

    1. Hi Malcolm, We hope to make it available in the future. We are trying to get it broadcast on some NC stations. Stay posted to this site. Unfortunately there is no release date at this time, but once it is available we will post to the site so people know about it. Thank you for your interest!

      1. You should try to release it for purchase through Amazon Video and YouTube.

        Videos can be purchased 1.99 + on YouTube or Google video app

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