Lumbee in Law


The crew traveled to Washington D.C. to interview two prominent Lumbee lawyers: Jody A. Cummings and Arlinda Locklear.


Arlinda Locklear graduated from Duke Law in 1976.  She has spent most of her career fighting for the rights of  American Indian tribes, including full federal recognition for the Lumbee Tribe. Locklear was the first American Indian woman to argue before the Supreme Court in 1984.   She discussed some of the challenges the tribe has struggled with in pursuing full recognition such as the size of the tribe and the lack of written history. Although she is no longer representing the Lumbee Tribe, she still has hope that the tribe will reach it’s goal.


Jody A. Cummings works for Steptoe & Johnson LLP as special counsel. He has worked closely with Arlinda seeking recognition for the Lumbee tribe. Cummings also represents other cases dealing with federal Indian law.

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